Businesses - drug-and-alcohol-rehabilitation

Addiction Treatment Group (Philadelphia - Pennsylvania)
Akron Drug Rehab Centers (Independence - OH) (Austin - TX)
Business Closed (Dallas - Texas)
Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers (Chattanooga - Tennessee)
Detox of South Florida Inc. (Okeechobee - FL)
Detox of South Florida Inc. (Okeechobee - FL)
Florida Coast Recovery (Sunrise - Florida)
Hickory House Recovery Center (Greenfield - Indiana)
Longview Drug Rehab Centers (Longview - Texas)
Lorain Drug Rehab Centers (Cleveland - Ohio)
New Directions For Women (Costa Mesa - California)
Next Generation Village (Sebring - Florida)
Reco Intensive (Delray Beach - Florida)
Recovery By The Sea (Stuart - FL)
Recovery Works Columbus (Columbus - Ohio)
Spearhead Lodge (Austin - Texas)
The Recovery Village (Umatilla - Florida)
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