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Labels, Decal and Stickers

Product | Hillier Industries Pte Ltd (November 30, -0001 12:00 am)

Screen printed stickers and labels are the most premium and durable forms of all custom sticker printing methods. Silkscreen stickers are far superior to digital stickers with respect to quality and durability. With us, you can assure that quality of the product is of utmost priority.
When stickers and labels are screen printed, it’s a lot more durable and long lasting than the digitally printed stickers. Such stickers finish as individual stickers along with back liners cut to the desired shape of the finished sticker, or what is referred as a split back liner. Most of the times, the commonly used material is PVC which you can also opt to change depending on the location being used.
Application for such products are as follows: car windows, bumper stickers, product identification, store-front windows, safety awareness, compliance notifications and visual warning labels. Our silkscreen stickers and labels are also both perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.